Saturday, April 30, 2011

Alphabet Fun - Letter Ee

Jenni is 3 years 9 months

We had an excellent time exploring the letter Ee! Here is some of what we did...

Easter Story
Jenni and I read the Easter Story from the Bible. It is amazing at how much she retains from reading and listening to stories. She even shared a simplified version with Joshua.

Easter Eggs (an exceptional amount of eggs)

 Jenni dyed, colored, blew out, and tissue papered dozens of eggs. (Tissue paper eggs were her favorite.)

Tissue Paper Easter Egg

I drew and colored in an Easter egg and cut out and glued on the grass for the egg to rest in. I supplied Jenni with glue, a pencil and dozens of squares of tissue paper. This project took hours! Oh my.

Letter Ee Collage
I cut several letter Ee's out of magazines. Jenni sorted the Ee's into an "E" bowl and an "e" bowl. She then glued the Ee's onto the correct outline.

Easter Egg Tree
 I traced Jenni's arm, from elbow to fingertip, onto brown construction paper, creating the trunk and branches of the tree. I cut out the tree and pasted it onto blue card stock, resembling the sky. I made a dozen oval shaped Easter eggs on a Word document, printed it out, and Jenni painted the Easter eggs spring colors. I helped her cut them out and she glued them onto her tree.

Easter Chick Hand Prints
I traced Jenni's hand prints onto yellow card stock and cut out the body, feet, and beak of the chick. Jenni had fun gluing the pieces together and adding the googly eyes :)

Earth Day

 I drew a circle on white card stock and cut small green squares of tissue paper out. Jenni painted the circle blue and after it dried she glued down small areas of green tissue paper onto the 'water' to resemble 'land'. We discussed that the earth is round and mostly made of water.

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