Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Jessie the Cowgirl. Police Officer. Lightning McQueen race car driver. Baby Bunny. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

CC Week 8

 Sweet girls! Juliette is awake much more of the day so she gets to join us girls for our CC review time. :)
 One of our favorite parts of CC is the geography. We are all learning together! :) 5 more states and capitals to go until we have the United States memorized.
Joshua enjoys working through our dry erase workbooks. He's also into coloring these days (currently rattlesnakes, thunderstorms, and our house). I really enjoy our geography review time together and his little voice.
Going over Cheyenne, Wyoming, he asked, "Do you think most of the people that live there are shy?" And then reviewing Annapolis, Maryland he pronounces it closer to "Apples, Maryland" and wondered if there were "lots of apple orchards in that state" and if "maybe the real Johnny Appleseed lived there." Be still my heart.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Patch, Part 2

 Jenni and her two missing front teeth. I love it.
 Joshua Gabriel woke up with pink eye so we had to miss Classical Conversations this morning. Next best thing is brunch and a visit to the pumpkin patch! :)



Sweet, sweet memories.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Costume Bash

 Jackson literally could not stop laughing when he saw Juliette in her bunny costume. It was seriously the cutest thing.
 Minnie Mouse for the morning
 Protecting and serving
 Our littlest love :)
The littles dressed in costumes for the great costume bash at church!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

 I dressed the littles and told them we needed to run some errands. Little did they know that it was the start of our "Day of Fun." I love having a "Day of Fun" thrown into life here or there. A.) Because we need a little bit of fun with the amount of traveling Eric's been doing, plus the amount of doctor's appointments we've had the past four months. And B.) I love keeping the littles on their toes, and surprises do that. :)
So we first made a stop at Carter's to find our little Juliette a shirt to coordinate with Jenni. :)
And then we had brunch at our favorite place, the Local Diner. :)
 Whenever Jackson willingly wants to hold our hand, we are all pumped. :)

 Getting a decent picture of the four littles was our first goal and then the rest of our time spent was to have fun. We tried different combinations. First, Jenni was holding Juliette but Jackson kept his back turned to the camera. And then I tried having Joshua hold Juliette but Jackson was beyond upset about that, too. So third times the charm, and he got to hold his sweet little baby in his arms and life was good. 

 The moment my little guy told me "Want to watch your favorite child do something cool?!"
 After going back and forth with Joshua, telling him I did not have a favorite child, he said, "Fine. I your favorite four-year-old though." :) And indeed he is my favorite four-year-old.
 Joshua's obsessed with snapping turtles. He's seen several the past month between zoo and aquarium visits.

Our eighth year to visit a pumpkin patch! Thankful for our sweet family.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CC Week 7

Jenni and Joshua both did presentations on Johnny Appleseed. It was funny to see what information Joshua remembered and retold about the real person and the tall tales. This week Jenni and Joshua also started practicing playing the tin whistle in class. They have been looking forward to that since summer! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Juliette Grace - 4 Months

Juliette Grace, the sweetest baby in the world! Oh, how we adore her. She really is the most precious babe. Jenni and I take such delight in her. She is a calm little girl and is babbling more and more. This month she has started holding small toys in her hands. She enjoys cuddling with her blanket and chews on it, too. She is always happy when Jenni is in eye sight of her. When Joshua is with her, he likes to be right in her face, and she giggles at his silly faces. Jackson prefers that she always has a pacifier and blanket next to her so he is quick to find those, and his favorite "game" to play with little Juliette is for me to hold her and "sit" her on top of his head. He giggles and giggles.