Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Joyful July

Sweet Snapshots

Jenni: "Did you know 6 is close to 8? Which means I only need two more birthdays to get to 8. Which means I'm almost an adult."

Every time Joshua goes potty...
Joshua: "God helped me!"
Looks up (to the sky)...
Joshua: "Thanks you, God!"

I told Joshua we were having a family dinner at a friends house that night...
Joshua: "That nice. You think we could have some family time before we go there, please?"

Having a talk with Joshua about how he can't hit people, even playfully (the boy loves to play pretend fighting)...
Joshua: "Well, what if a bad person tries to hurt me? Or a lion tries to bite me?!"

Joshua: "Mommy, let me tell you a story before bed. Moses a little baby. He float in a basket to a new family. That my story."

As Eric was packing to go out of town, he gave Joshua some tasks to manage...
Joshua: "That mean me be a boss? Like me tell Jenni to clean her room and she has to?"

Joshua: "Me want three more babies and me want to name them all Jacksonator because Jackson such a nice baby."

After setting up for Jenni's birthday party, I asked her if she liked the decorations...
Jenni: "Y-e-s. I l-o-v-e them. I know you did a lot of hard work and I appreciate you." :)
And then the cherry on top...
Jenni: "You are the sweetest person ever. And I'm not even kidding."
Melt. My. Heart.

Packing for Grandpa and Grandma's...
Joshua: "Mommy, fine if me bring my pajamas if me want to sleep in my bed at Grandma and Grandpa's?"
A short time later...
Joshua: "Me have two beds in my room. Fine if me ask Gavin if he wants to sleep in my room with me? We can wear our dinosaur pajamas." :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jenni's Ice Cream Party


We had such a fun time celebrating Jenni's sixth birthday with our family and friends!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jenni turns SIX!

 It's so very hard to believe that Jenni has turned six. What a beautiful young lady she is! She has such a sweet and pure heart and genuinely has a love for others. Jenni loves spending time with her family and friends. She'll sometimes play alone in her room but she much prefers to be playing next to one of her brothers or spending time with me or Eric. Jenni loves thinking of ways to make other people's days brighter by writing notes, drawing pictures, baking a yummy treat, saying a kind word. She loves spending time with neighbors in the evenings and loves even more having dinner with our family friends. Jenni loves to plan, make lists, and organize. She is a super great helper and also a super cheerful girl to be around! We are so very thankful for her!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

THE Pirate Key

 The grocery trip innocently started with me parking the car and Joshua saying, "Mommy, turn around and look at my sweet face." :)

To make a very long story shorter, Joshua lost his Jake and the Never Land Pirates key. The pirate key came with a pirate sword that he got for Christmas last December. The pirate key became one of his many beloved toys. He has carried this key for eight months in his pocket, slept with it under his pillow, took baths with the key on the side of the tub. He loves this key.

 While we were grocery shopping (and without me knowing) he placed his key in the produce section. After we returned to the car he said that he no longer had his key. Knowing how much this key meant to him, I was sad for him. Sweet, sweet Joshua told me he couldn't remember where he put his key so I drove away from the store. While I was driving he told Jenni that he sat the key down next to the watermelons and pineapples. We drove back to the store (with a gallon of ice cream slowly melting in the trunk) and decided to quickly look for his key. We went to the produce section and found the watermelons and pineapples and the kids searched high and low. We could not find the key. We decided to return home.

Well, Eric returned home from his trip late that evening. I told him the story and asked him if he thought I was crazy for being so sad for Joshua. He didn't think I was crazy at all. So that's that. Or we're both slightly crazy. But our boy loves his pirate key. So Eric decided that he would go out and search for it again. At midnight. Not fifteen minutes later, he texted me with the picture of the found key! Sure enough, it was between/under the pallets of watermelons and pineapples. Crazy, ridiculous story but an oh, so happy ending. :)