Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Joyful June

Ballet & Tap
Jenni finished the dance year performing in the Under the Sea recitals. To see pictures click here.

Smith Trio

 Such a precious babe!
 Cousin time!
 Gavin reaching for Joshua's toes!
 Cousins playing so nicely! And Gavin sitting so tall!

 Our favorite trio came to visit! We had a wonderful visit with my sister and her family. We all adore Gavin Michael and his sweet personality. Jenni loves visits with Gavin and taking care of his baby needs (feeding him a bottle, covering him with a blanket, etc.). Joshua loves loves loves baby Gavin and is so excited about having a baby around! Joshua also started calling Gavin "Gav" so that was super sweet too.

Adventure Week 2012
 5 Nights, 5 Islands, 1 Big Adventure!
Waiting for a pirate picture! :)

 Jenni helping me before the evening started. Two thumbs up.
 Just doing a little ballet. :)

 Joshie loved the pirates.

 Sweet picture of Eric and Jenni
 The littles and Pastor David
 I asked Jenni what her favorite part of Adventure Week was and she said, "I loved absolutely every single thing about it!" I was a preschool trainer during Adventure Week and had a lovely group of four year olds, and Eric joined in as a trainer once he got back from his business trip. Our little man got to enjoy children's programming during our time at church and we all had a fantastic time becoming better leaders! Argh!

Jenni's First Pair of Running Shoes

 This deserves a spot in our monthly update. :) One morning this month little man and I slept in while Eric and Jenni went to buy her first pair of running shoes. Sweet J likes to spend her time in her cowgirl boots or sandals but has been recently wanting to run around on our adventures outside and needed a good pair of tennis shoes. She claims they make her run faster. :) Baby girl is growing up. 

Six Flags Over Texas

 Jenni was so excited!

 Jenni was so tired from the hot day that she wanted to sit on the carousel ride rather than ride a pony. That's a first.
Sweet littles
We had an enjoyable time at Six Flags under the hot Texas sun. :)

Summer Wedding
 Jenni fanning Joshua :)
Jenni: "This is how I am going to hold my flowers when I get married." :)

 Joshua sleeping like a babe.
 When Joshua found out his Great Grandpa Leon wasn't able to go to the wedding, little man broke into tears. We made sure to make a visit to Papa Leon on our way home and the boys had a nice time coloring! :)

Sweet Snapshots
 Jenni taking a pretend picture of Joshua. :)
 And Joshua taking a pretend picture of Jenni. :)
Sweet little man!
 Joshua found his snow boots and was ready to go skiing!
 Sweet Joshua is a little rascal!

Trying to have a somewhat important discussion with J...
Jenni: "Mommy, I can make these decisions. After all, I'm four years old."
So I explained that four years old is still young and she has to talk with me and Eric about these decisions...
Jenni: "Mommy, it's not like I'm two.
(Turns to Joshua.)
Jenni: "Joshua, these are important decisions. One day, when you are four, you will understand."

Jenni likes to remind us about how much she loves God and Jesus and the importance of loving them more than anyone or anything else. While Eric and I understand her, Joshua had a hard time understanding. He became very upset when he heard Jenni loving God and Jesus more than him. But sweet J explained that that's the way it should be and he is now beginning to understand. 

I asked Jenni what she thought the baby would look like expecting her to say he'll look a little like her, or look like Joshua, or maybe look like Eric. Jenni being the practical girl she is said...
Jenni: "Mommy, only God knows what the baby is going to look like. I'll just wait to see once he's born."

Jenni and I were shopping for clothes...
Jenni: "Are those clothes comfortable?"
Me: "Yes, I like them."
Jenni: "And is the baby comfortable in them, too?" :)

Sweet J being sweet...
Jenni: "You know what I love about you?...You're so nice and cheerful. And you're a good teacher too!"

Eric mentioned that Joshua would be three next January. The thought of Joshua turning three literally hadn't even crossed my mind. (No need to rush my little man growing up.)
Jenni: "Mommy, you think we're growing up too fast?"
Me: "I think you're growing up just as fast as you should be but there's no need to rush it."
Jenni's serious four year old thought...
Jenni: "Stop giving us healthy food to eat and stop making us take naps. That should slow it down."

Jenni wanted us to hide in the house to surprise Eric on his birthday. He was getting back from a business trip.
Jenni: "Me and Joshua are going to hide here. Mommy, you'll have to find a different hiding spot because Daddy will see your big tummy and will know that it's you and the baby." :)

Jenni was looking entirely too old one day. Like a five-year-old old...
Me: "I want to squish you back to a baby size."
Jenni: "I don't think that's possible..."

Jenni and I were in separate bathroom stalls...
Jenni: "Go west if you need to find me!"
J loves directions.

Jenni loves rules...
Jenni: "Teacher, is it okay to joke in our class? You know, as long as it's a nice joke and not a mean joke?"
And Jenni loves calling me teacher and raising her hand during school time.

Our house was filled with pretty, fluffy, cotton-candy-like insulation...
Jenni: "I always dreamed of having a pink house!"

An Update on Jenni
Jenni likes to put everything in song form - everything between her love for God to being a kindergartener. This month Jenni moved up to the kindergartner room in Sunday school which made J feel so wonderful! She is so excited to see angles in Heaven and she finds them fascinating. Grandpa and Grandma came for an extended visit during the week of Jenni's dance recitals. Jenni loved having sleep parties with Grandma and the girl chat each night before bed. She also loved riding in the back seat of Grandma's van. :) Jenni's reading skills are coming along wonderfully! We are so proud of her! Jenni is enjoying summer and her care-free life. She enjoys going to the library and checking up on the house. She also enjoys swimming and playing board games throughout the day.

An Update on Joshua
Joshua is enjoying his independence (except for when he wants to be Eric's sidekick or do the same thing as Jenni). When we used to go to the library he would be quite content with any and all books Jenni selected for us to read at home. Jenni would select anything from Fancy Nancy to Curious George. Now Little Man carries his own book basket and enjoys browsing through the children's book shelves. The first book he picked out by himself was Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. A sweet book for a sweet boy. Grandma Linda came a day earlier than Grandpa John and Joshua was so looking forward to their visit. He questioned many times where Papa was the first day but really enjoyed his special time with Grandma, holding her hand walking and taking a drive in her van. :) Joshua's been calling Eric "daddy" instead of "dada." He calls Jenni "enni" and cannot pronounce his brother's name so he just calls him "baby." Mid-month Joshua started announcing his entrance into a room by yelling "Josh!". Sweet little man is learning to say his name. Joshua is learning new words daily and we love hearing the sound of his precious voice!

An Update on Baby J
Baby J is enjoying life and having a good time kicking and rolling around. Jenni and Joshua love estimating how big the babe is with their arms stretched out. Jenni is so excited about becoming a big sister again and is so happy that Joshua gets to experience both being a little brother and a big brother. Joshua and Jenni came along for my doctor appointments this month when we had our latest sonograms that showed Baby J measuring perfectly! We are so thankful!