Monday, March 31, 2014

Fun on the River Walk

The Alamo

 Eric told the kids the Alamo began as a church and then went into more detail about the history of it. I think Joshua may have stopped listening after he heard the word "church" and was really excited to get to go to a church in San Antonio. And as we were walking up he was excited that others had decided to go to church, too. :)
 This little guy was excited!

 Joshua enjoyed going through the different exhibits looking at the battle weapons and uniforms. He asked if he could take some home with him. :)
 Peeking into the well!
 A kind couple gave the littles coins to toss into the well to make a wish. Joshua, in so many words, told the lady that wishes weren't real but prayers were. :)
 Jenni loves the idea of wishing wells and wished for a nice breeze. :)
I think we had a nice time at the Alamo. :) I know the boys really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it enough, and sweet Jenni did her best to maintain a good attitude since she could not have been less interested. 

The River Walk

 While waiting for our lunch, Joshua did what Joshua does - entertain his little brother. This trip Joshua was trying to perfect his gorilla face. :)

 Any time Jackson raises his hands in excitement, Joshua yells out, "Jackson's praising God!" I love it.
 More gorilla faces for Jackson

 Sweet Jenni made sure we sat next to each other at lunch so we could have some girl time. :)

 I love.

Ice Cream Shop

River Tour

Snow Cone Stand
 After Jackson got a hair cut we stopped by a sweet lady's snow cone stand!
 The littles loved sharing with Jackson. They both really enjoy feeding him as long as they don't get "baby slobber" on them. :)

We always have the best time visiting San Antonio!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sea World!

 Joshua: "Cookie Monster, why do you eat so many cookies?!"
 Joshua: "I like to eat cookies, too!"

 Jackson James taking in his first Shamu show :)

 He was more interested in the popcorn than the whales. Sweet boy.
 After almost every trick, Joshua shouted, "I didn't know whales could do that!"

 Dolphin Encounter! The littles loved the dolphins swimming around the edges of the pool trying to touch them. Joshua was super upset that his arms weren't long enough to reach the nearby dolphins.

 Jenni meeting with one of the dolphin trainers after her favorite show. She got to ask her some questions and was excited to take a picture with her.
 Joshua turned back to Eric and me saying, "I just gonna follow Jenni since she's a good leader." :)
Jenni did love having her handy map in her pocket navigating the way.

 Alligator Alley - Joshua's favorite spot

 Oh, how he was hoping to see an alligator snap at him.

 Big sisters can make anything better
 Joshua: "I'm like a mini-Eric!"


 Joshua: "Mommy, you think you gonna get sea sick on this?" :)
What a fun, fun, fun, FUN day we had at Sea World! It's always our favorite and what a beautiful day we spent there from opening to closing!