Friday, May 31, 2013

A Marvelous May

Bible Study Fellowship
We have finished another year of BSF! The kids had fantastic leaders that helped them learn and grow so much. We are all so thankful for having the opportunity to go to such an awesome bible study.

Sweet Snapshots

Jenni having a slumber party in Joshua's room :)
FaceTiming with G muffin!

Sensory Tub play
We were watching a movie in the play room when I looked down and noticed my babes all resting their feet on the ottoman. So sweet!
Max resting after a walk!
Playground fun!
Jackson's not so much a fan of swings. Joshua loved swings when he was a babe and still loves them now.

Max enjoys resting at our park!

Jenni and Joshua love taking turns taking Max for walks. He is such a good pup!
Children in 2013. Sharing an old iPhone. :)

Baby Bear!

Eric found some of his old toy guns in a box in our attic and Joshua is loving them!

Up to tricks!

Feeding Max!

Love my boys!

Enjoying his three-year-old life :)

Joshua was looking for something so important that he destroyed his bed and room looking for it. I love his determination!

Sweet boys

These two adore all their time together

We took Jackson's infant carrier car seat out of the car and replaced it with one of our other car seats now that he is growing bigger. Jackson is loving sitting up so tall and seeing Jenni and Joshua better. He also loves being able to reach Jenni's hand easier. Precious.

Joshua loves getting dressed in the mornings before coming downstairs. He is so proud of himself and I love what he pairs together!
Love. Love. Love. Such happiness!
I was unloading groceries when Joshua went in the house and I found him hiding underneath the table eating a cookie. At least he thought they were yummy... :)

Late one evening...
Joshua: "Uh, Mommy? You want a sleepover with me?"
Me: "Maybe when Jackson's a little older."
Joshua: "Yeah. Like my age?"
Me: "Yeah. Is that okay with you?"
Joshua: "Well let me think about it...Yeah that's fine."
Turning away sadly...
Joshua: "Nobody wants to sleep with me!" :(

Eric helping Joshua...
Joshua: "Thank you, Daddy! A daddy takes care of his family! God takes care of us, too!"

Eric: "Joshie, are you going to be nice today?"
Joshua: "Me hope so!"
You got to love positive thinking. :)

Joshua is a little collector and was told he couldn't take his rock to bed with him so he left it on the bar overnight...
Joshua: "Thanks you, Mommy for watching my rock. How it do last night?" :)

We went out to lunch for Mother's Day and when we were leaving the restaurant Joshua saw a broom (and couldn't remember the word)...
Joshua: "Hey! That's a mommy thing!" :)

Joshua has a lot of "lessons" to tell us. Sometimes they're stories, sometimes a joke, sometimes a question, but usually a "lesson"...
Joshua: "Mommy. Me tell you a lesson. I love God...I love you guys, too." :)

On a drive...
Joshua: "Me know everything!"
Jenni: "Stop saying that, Joshua! God is the one who knows everything! He is the shepherd and we are his sheep!"

The morning of my 5K...
Joshua: "If you fall down, get back up again!" :)

Joshua, being the little man that he is, is always trying to protect us girls. I love it...
Joshua: "If anyone come in here, I'm gonna attack them with this fork!"
Me: "Thanks for protecting us, buddy."
Jenni: "Joshie, all a fork is gonna do is poke them. What you need is a sword!" :)