Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Fun

Frozen Yogurt
 Sibling hug!

We visited a nearby frozen yogurt shop. The kids enjoyed picking and mixing different flavors and toppings!

New Boots!
 Look who got his first pair of cowboy boots!
Joshua was beyond thrilled with his new pair of boots! He's a little stud :)
Jenni got a pair of red boots :)
 I took a picture of the boys as we were waiting to cross the street to church.
They even stand the same :)

Six Flags Over Texas: Holiday in the Park - Day 1
 On our way!

 The biggest bag of cotton candy. Ever.

We had the best time at Holiday in the Park. So many fun rides for all four of us to go on. Jenni loved the roller coasters and Joshua loved any ride that he could go on. So much fun!

Six Flags Over Texas: Holiday in the Park - Day 2
 Jenni and I were going to take a picture while we were walking into the park, but she stopped mid-picture and said, "Let's make sure we get Little Man in this picture too!"
 We do love our little man :) and he sure does love the amusement park!

I sure do love his smiles.

 We all went on the sombrero ride. Eric and Jenni rode behind me and Joshie.
 Sweet Joshua waiting patiently for the ride to begin :)
 J waiting for the tea cup ride :)

 The four of us went on the pirate ship. It was my favorite ride as a little girl. I told J that Grandma Linda and I loved the pirate ship ride. She asked if it was "a little scary." Mid-way through the ride she yelled out, "Whose idea was this?!" By the end of the ride she called it "awesome!"

We had another great day at Holiday in the Park. We spent our time in a different section of the park and enjoyed the new rides and hot chocolate!

Six Flags Over Texas: Holiday in the Park - Day 3

We spent another great afternoon/evening at Six Flags. Jenni and I went on a bigger roller coaster this time. Eric took Jenni back on the "little roller coaster" that her and I rode earlier this week. We rode the pirate ship a few times. We all love that one. We took a spin in the tea cups again. The previous time (I thought) we spun it too fast, so this time we left the spinning up to... Joshua :) We figured however fast the almost-two-year-old spins the tea cups would be fine for all four of us. Needless to say, Joshua loves to spin fast so that's what we did. In other Joshua and Jenni news, the two have started throwing their hands in the air when we are on small roller coasters or other fun rides :) We love Six Flags and their colorful Christmas lights, fun music and performances at the end of the night!

Six Flags Over Texas: Holiday in the Park - Day 4

This time Jenni and I had a girls night at the park and the boys had a night at home together. Jenni and I had a blast (although we missed our boys and all the excitement that comes from them). While Jenni and I were riding all the rides we had time for and watched as many shows as possible (Jenni loves all the music and dance performances and the light shows), Eric and Joshua stayed home eating dinner and watching western movies. I'm glad he finally has a little buddy who enjoys watching westerns with him. :)

Pizza Date
 Pizza date by the fire :)

Fires & Board Games
 Joshie loves helping building fires with his daddy :)
 In true winter fashion we got the two munchkins matching pajamas :)

 Candy Land Candy Land, Jenni loves playing Candy Land :)
 This is what Joshua thinks of Candy Land :)
And this is what Joshua thinks of being tickled :)

Eric was able to take some time off from work so we were delighted to spend some family time together this Christmas season! We had a wonderful time on all of our family outings, enjoyed finishing our Christmas shopping, and had plenty of movie and board game nights! :)

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