Saturday, March 31, 2012

Building Our Home: March Update

They were so excited about putting the sign in the ground!
Eric and the littles
Sweet sibling picture

 Eric and I decided to build our first house! We have picked out our floor plan, chose our lot, signed a lot of paperwork, and selected our brick, stone and exterior trim color. We are very excited to move along quickly through the beginning stages of this long project. We have also made all the big decisions for the inside of our house - flooring, lighting, interior paint and trim colors, interior and exterior doors, the type of wood, design, stain and height of the cabinets, countertops, backsplash, appliances, etc. Next month we will make our last trip to the design center to finish the selection process and finalize all of our choices! Thankfully we have worked with wonderful, knowledgeable and patient people throughout this process!

Jenni and Joshua have enjoyed exploring the different floor plans, climbing up and down stairs, looking inside closets, etc. all to find just the right home for our family. They love going to see the development and going inside the office to see our Sales Rep who has jelly beans and other treats hidden inside Easter eggs waiting for them to eat :) They are especially looking forward to the neighborhood playground and park - perfect for pretty days outside, picnic lunches, and a gated area to kick a soccer ball around.

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