Friday, August 31, 2012

An Awesome August


 Bar work

Joshie has overcome his sadness about not getting to do gymnastics with Jenni and now enjoys encouraging and cheering her on.
 Sweet little gymnast
Jenni focusing on standing on her tippy toes and keeping her chin up :)

 Turning on the bar

 I am so proud of Jenni and how hard she is working at gymnastics! She is absolutely loving it and Joshua loves playing on the bleachers and clapping for Jenni every time he sees her.

 Working on footwork on the beam

 Jenni loves to practice getting on the beam
 Bear crawl

 Gymnastics = all smiles

Grandpa's Visit
 Sharing some chocolate ice cream! Their favorite!
 The boys playing hide-and-go-seek with Jenni
 Thankful Grandpa has two hands for each little one!
 Grandpa was in town for a conference and was able to spend some special time with us!

Sea World San Antonio
We made a trip to Sea World before Baby J arrived!

Sweet Snapshots
 Girls night getting ice cream!
 Best friends!
 Favorite littles.
 Joshua on our last date before baby brother is born!
We found a Lightning McQueen shirt, much to Joshua's delight! I tried to take it off of him to wash and there were too many tears. So sweet Joshua wore his shirt for the third day in a row. :)
 Bath time for Joshua = Bath time for his cars, too :)
 Sweet Little J quietly waiting for his pancakes :)
 Sweet Big J waiting for her breakfast :)
 We have spent many evenings this month building with our Lincoln Logs.
 Sleeping girl
 Jenni's new lunchbox! She was quite excited.
 We three LOVE grocery shopping!
 Joshua noticed a Sesame Street book at the store and I noticed the title and thought it was hilarious. I asked Joshua if he thought his brother was going to be a monster and he said, "No. Nice!" :)
 Joshua relaxing and taking it easy at Jenni's doctor appointment.
 He's good at relaxing. :)
 Playing with baby brother's puppy :)
 Sweet Joshua adores the newest puppy. He promises to give it to Baby J when he arrives. :)
 Me and J with our headbands :)
 Boys will be boys! Joshua learning some fighting skills with Eric.
 Sweet babes. Jenni's always looking out for Joshua and reminded him that he should wear his sunglasses so his eyes don't hurt from the bright sun. Sweet sister.
 Little man with a summer popsicle!

Jenni: "Wouldn't it be awesome if we were superheroes and saved the day?!"

Some of our Heaven conversations...
Jenni: "Is God's floor smushy like clouds?"
Jenni: "This is going to be amazing! We're going to get to fly with angels!"
Jenni: "You think we're going to have to sleep?" (a very common question from J)

Jenni: "You're the best mommy I've had in my whole life!"
This is a frequent comment and I always smile hearing it! 

Jenni: "Joshua, did you know you're my bestest friend?"

On our car drive Jenni had been helping Joshua with learning numbers (1-20) and the alphabet...
Jenni: "What else can I teach you?" :)

An Update on Jenni
Jenni continues asking questions about Jesus returning and her excitement and hope that she is still alive for it. Jenni has thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics, particularly the gymnastics, and thinks the gymnasts are "super good" and she's "super proud" of them. When we are in waiting rooms for appointments Jenni tends to look through the magazines and always selects a bridal magazine to flip through. Sweet girl. And thankfully this month the littles are back to being best friends and each others biggest supporters. We had a few weeks last month of constant competition between the Js and are thankful they have returned to best buds. While Jenni has been reminding us that Baby J's arrival will be in God's time, she is completely and totally ready for that baby brother of her's to be here! :)

An Update on Joshua
Joshua continues learning new words and I do love his toddler voice. He also loves learning and practicing directions. His favorites are east and west. We found two special shirts for little man this month - a Lightning McQueen shirt and a Mater shirt (from the Cars movies). He loves loves loves them. Joshua also loves the moon and gets so excited when he gets to see it at nighttime, while Jenni is interested more so in clouds. Joshua also thoroughly enjoys being a little brother and has lots of tricks up his sleeves. Joshua is most looking forward to his baby brother's arrival and getting to rock Baby J in his arms. :)

An Update on Baby J
Baby J continues to be a sweet little babe! We are excitedly awaiting his arrival!

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