Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jackson James - 8 months

 Our little babe is a growing boy and oh, do we love him! Jackson has learned how to clap and it is the most precious thing. We will tell him how proud of him we are and he just sits there clapping his sweet, chubby baby hands. Jackson's second baby tooth has come in - bottom middle, next to his first tooth. Jackson is scooting around - not so much "crawling" but he is able to get to the places he wants to go. He loves his pacifier and loves when he finds one and puts it in his mouth. He enjoys the puppets we have in our school room. Jenni and Joshua will take turns talking to him with the puppets while I'm teaching the other one. We noticed this month that Jackson will cry if someone takes his toy out of his hands - a sweet reminder of him growing older. He is the sweetest little thing and we adore him!

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