Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Newest Little Love

 Early morning road trip to meet our newest baby cousin!

Jackson was up to his usual tricks. :)
 We changed Jacks out of pajamas at our lunch stop. :)
 And then we stopped by Gavin's house to have a cookie party celebrating him becoming a big brother!
 Quite possibly the most precious babe ever!!
 Sparkling eyes!! The littles had been talking about their hopes of getting to hold baby Corbin in the hospital.

The littles and I packed up and headed south for the arrival of my newest nephew and their littlest cousin, Corbin James! We knew he was going to be precious, but my goodness he is PRECIOUS!! We are so thankful for the sweet babe to join our big family and we are excited for Gavin Michael to be a big brother! We had such a nice visit in Austin and Jenni, Joshua, and I immediately fell in love with Andrea and David's adorable baby boy!

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