Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Update

We love our annual fall party but with a house for sale we kept it simple and sweet this year. :)

 So funny. I found Joshua and Jenni pretending to play a card game so they didn't make the house messy before a showing. :)
 Sweet little love
 Proud Jenni J. After learning multiples up to 15x15 in CC, she was able to figure out multiplication.

 On the hunt for our next house. :)

 The littles woke up to a light snow one morning.

Joshua's CC class working on math facts

"Look! I'm holding her like an adult!"
 Sweet Jackson James
 Joshua asked if  Juliette could rest by him. She soon fell asleep and then I noticed he left a crocodile on her tummy. :)
During the past six weeks of Classical Conversations science work we've been learning about human anatomy. Both Jenni and Joshua learned about the different parts of the body and their functions and then created life size illustrations.

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