Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jackson's Broken Leg

 Jackson tripped and fell in our living room and we immediately knew something was wrong so we all rushed him to the ER. After x-rays and pain medication we learned he fractured his femur. He and Eric were transported by ambulance to the children's hospital.
 The other kids and I came home to make Jackson some cards and pack hospital bags for him and Eric.
 Jackson loves cards.

The next morning he was put under so they could cast him in a spica cast.

 We all spent our days with our little love in the hospital. Eric spent the nights with him.
 Jacks always felt better with Juliette right next to him. He also kept one of her blankets with him.
 My sweet sister sent our little love basketball cookies! His favorite!!

 Going home!
His first spica cast was up to his chest. He was recasted days later and the doctors altered it so it was easier to clean, although still terribly difficult, and with the cast lower he was able to be a bit more comfortable.
 Jackson stayed downstairs since he was too heavy to carry with his cast up and down the stairs, plus he had to have multiple diaper changes and had to be repositioned throughout the night. He started each morning resting in bed with Juliette close by.
 I ran to Target while Eric was with Jackson in the hospital to pick up some bean bags for him and the kids to relax in while his leg healed.
And then Grandma Linda came to save the day and help us!!!!!

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