Thursday, April 30, 2015

April - in Pictures

 Our latest house project was installing a new front door!

  Next up is painting it!
 And then we updated all the countertops in our house with granite.

Next up is installing the new sink faucets and appliances.
Jenni and Joshua made a zoo in the boys room :)
 Going out to lunch with Grandma before she went back home. We are beyond grateful for all the time she spent with us while Jacks was in his cast!
 The kids' artwork for her :)

 Easter Sunday!

 Pictures with the boys somehow always turns into wrestling. 

Sweet sleeping Jackson. After being in a cast for five weeks, he lost so much muscle tone and is unable to walk now. So he scoots around on his bottom while his legs regains strength. We will start physical therapy soon!

 Precious girl :)

 Juliette loves when Jenni reads to her.
Jacks found a bag of flour...
 Jackson started physical therapy
 Jenni's first sleepover at church

 We power washed our fence
 And then stained it
 Evening walks/scooter rides :)

Jacks found the cocoa in the pantry...

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