Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 15 of Pre-K

Bible Verse: "Lord, teach us to to pray..." (Luke 11:1)
 Jenni practiced counting objects up to twenty and writing numbers 1-20.
 We reviewed time. Jenni looked at her flashcards and determined what time it was (1 o'clock to 12 o'clock) and then she flipped her cards over to check (1:00-12:00).
 After reviewing time to the hour, we began working on time to the half-hour.
 Saxon Math K: We focused on naming a shape piece using three attributes - shape, color, and size. J described each piece (large blue triangle, small red square, etc.). Then we played a game. We took turns taking a piece away from the matrix and the other person had to say which piece is missing naming the three attributes.

Other Saxon lessons this week included ordering numbers 0-20, counting backward from 20, identifying a missing number, and identifying ordinal position using counting bears.

We also read a couple of fun math books:
Math for All Seasons written by Greg Tan (this was a fun counting book)
Ten Naughty Little Monkeys written by Suzanne Williams


 This week Jenni reviewed the letter Ww and the sound /w/. She also practiced writing Ww - one of her favorite letters to write just because she can say "down, up, down, up." It's the little things :)

We are using The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading for phonics instruction and Jenni is reading Bob Books: Set 1 for Beginning Readers. Jenni is really enjoying these books. She is so excited when she finishes a book by herself, and sweet Joshua just smiles and claps for her. One time he even gave her two thumbs up - such an encourager :)

Weather Art from Mudpies to Magnets
Jenni painted a snowman and falling snow using white paint and a cotton ball.
Jenni originally wanted to paint a "nice snow monster" with pink paint but I encouraged her to paint something more realistic :)
Jenni painted a rainbow using her entire hand dipped in paint :)
Jenni painted a "summer house" complete with larger-than-life flowers and a pink roof :) Her painting originally had windows on the house but she decided to paint them "shut" because it was a "sunny day" :)
When Jenni thinks of fall, she thinks of leaves changing colors and then falling off. So J painted a large tree with leaves changing colors and falling off :)

J and I watched YouTube videos showing the changing seasons. As the videos played, J created her own pictures of the seasons from what she saw and heard.


 We are using Evan-Moore's Beginning Geography, Grades K-2 book to learn map skills, landforms and bodies of water, and continents and oceans. This week Jenni learned about maps. A map is a drawing of a place from above. A map shows where things are.

The Big Green Pocketbook (Before Five in a Row)
This week we rowed The Big Green Pocketbook by Candice Ransom. We read the story several times and worked on the lapbook activities, found here and here.
Jenni went through our B4FIAR animal classification cards reviewing animal names and facts. We added two new animal cards from this story.
 J completed the lollipop pattern and then read the pattern (AAB).
Number Identification - J counted the lollipops on each card and matched them to the number card.
Identifying ordinal numbers up to seventh.
 Story Sequencing - Jenni put the cards in order based on the story.

I think the favorite thing about November's sensory tub is the feathers :)

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