Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby #3

We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting Baby #3 in August!
We are so excited, so thankful, and feeling so blessed! 

Precious comments from the big sister and big brother-to-be over the past few months: 
Jenni and I took a nap together one afternoon and she made sure to snuggle into my stomach...
Jenni: "Mommy, did I keep the baby warm while we were sleeping?"
Me: "You sure did."
Jenni: "Good. Just making sure the baby knows they're loved."

Jenni: "Some people think having three children is a lot of work. But if you think about it, you are only going to have one baby and two little helpers!

Jenni: "Do you think the baby will be surprised when they're born and see that they have a big brother AND a big sister?"

Jenni: "I'm glad God gave us another baby. I'm very thankful."

Jenni giving me a hug...
Jenni: "Is the baby snuggling into my hug?"

Someone asked whether we wanted a boy or a girl and obviously we would be thrilled with either...
Jenni: "Mommy, we shouldn't talk about wanting a boy or a girl. That might hurt the baby's heart."

Jenni: "Is the baby wearing any clothes in your tummy? Do you think they want a blanket in there?"

Jenni being the party lover that she is...
Jenni: "Mommy, do you think we could have a birth day party for the baby? I'll help you plan it!"

Discussing that the baby is growing but is still quite small...
Jenni: "Is the baby small enough to fit in a cookie jar?"
Me: "Well, technically...yes."
Jenni: "Mommy, I know we aren't going to put the baby in a cookie jar. I'm just saying that the baby is that small. But if we did...we'd have to keep the lid open because if the lid closed, the baby wouldn't have enough fresh air."
Oh the thought process of a four year old :)

Joshua hasn't had too many words to say about the babe but he sure does know that he is going to be a big brother and he is very excited about having a baby in our family. He loves to hug and kiss my stomach and knows there is a little baby growing in there! And as of recently, he tries to offer the babe a snack whenever he is having one...the same thing Jenni did when she was 2 and I was pregnant with Joshua :)

We are looking forward to becoming a family of FIVE!

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