Monday, February 6, 2012

Ski Trip 2012

 This was Jenni's face for the 13 hour drive (minus the times she was asking, "How many more minutes until we get there?"). She was pretty excited about playing in the snow, learning how to ski, and the fact that there would always be snow when she woke up in the morning :)
 And this was sweet Joshua's face for a good part of the trip. He was a talkative boy during our drive and since he was wearing his favorite dinosaur pajamas he made lots of dinosaur noises :) Joshie loved coloring in his Mickey coloring book during the drive.
 Thrilled to play in the snow
 The boys going to get their skis
Jenni on a mission to get her skis :)

 Jenni's first day skiing we put her in a private lesson with a ski instructor. He was such a good instructor for her and at the end of the lesson she got her first ski pin which she was ecstatic about :)
 She was quite eager to learn and picked up the basics quickly.
 After her lesson was over, Jenni joined me and Eric on the bigger slopes.
 Jenni giving a two thumbs up at the end of the day :)
Jenni wanted to go down the same slopes as us so we gave it a try. After getting off the lift and seeing how high up she was and how far she would have to ski down Jenni said, "Why did I decide to do this?" At the bottom of the slope (after wiping some tears away) Jenni said, "Maybe I'll try it again when I'm 5...or 6 or 7." Jenni stuck to the bunny hills after that :)
 Smiling with daddy at the end of the ski day

 Tired Jenni enjoying some popcorn
 Movie watching at night

 Joshua loved watching the snow fall
 And he also loved using Jenni as a pillow :)
Joshie in the AM. Sweet sleepy guy.

 Our cabin view

 The next day we enrolled Jenni in an all day ski school to learn more of the basics of skiing and have fun with friends.
 A little girl and her little skis :)
 E and I on the trails

 Our lunch time view from the top
J's first official ski photo taken during ski school
After a day in the snow, we came back to our cabin to relax and I found Jenni trying to teach Joshua how to do a "butterfly stretch" so his legs wouldn't be sore :) So funny.
 Joshie relaxing and watching a movie
 J's favorite thing to do in the snow - make snow angels - and lots of them :)

 Little Man trying to catch snow on his tongue :)

Eric had a few days off from work between traveling so we loaded up the car and went to Red River for a wonderful and relaxing ski trip. We had snow much fun! Eric and I enjoyed skiing and the snow covered mountains and Jenni J loved learning how to ski and playing in the snow. We had every intention of Joshua learning to ski but Joshua really wasn't interested so he got to have fun at the lodge's child care area seeing the views of the mountains and skiers, playing with other little ones, enjoying new toys, eating, napping and movie watching.

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  1. GREAT pics! Love the butterfly stretch and J2 watching the snow from inside :)