Friday, June 29, 2012

Building Our Home: June Update

 Week 1: Visit 1

  Framework continues.

 Sweet Joshua and his adorable two-year-old self on the front porch...holding a car. :)
 Sweet siblings

 A view to the second floor. The stairs haven't been put in yet. Jenni is excitedly waiting for that addition.

Week 1: Visit 2

 This is Joshua not wanting to take a picture. He crosses his arms and turns around. And then after a few seconds goes back to his charming self.

 Jenni was beyond excited when she saw the stairs!
 Joshua's excited yet scared face.

 The littles' school room (technically a media room). Jenni is ecstatic about this room.

Joshua playing in his play room. :)
Outside on the patio.
Joshie saw an airplane. :)
 Last view of the house that night. Action shot of J using the curb as a balance beam. :)

Week 2: Visit 1
 Work continues on the roof. All windows have been installed! Plumbing is being installed.

Joshua showing Grandpa his room!

Week 2: Visit 2
 The roof has been shingled!
Plumbing, HVAC and electrical work is being done.

The first thing Jenni and Joshua do once they are upstairs is go to their bedrooms. Jenni reaches out her window to touch the roof and Joshua goes to his window to check out the view. Jenni then tells Joshua that he has to ask permission to come into her room to touch the roof. Joshua sometimes asks and Jenni will let him come through her door. Other times Joshua doesn't ask and sneaks in through the unfinished wall. The Littles think touching the roof is a pretty big deal.
Joshua marching in circles in his room. He's pretty excited. :)
 Joshie feeling at home. :)
Joshua standing outside his room.

Week 2: Visit 3
Above the dining room
Plumbing, HVAC and electrical work continues .
 Joshua went to the front door and tried to sell me some donuts. :)
 So Jenni tried to sell me some chocolate. :)
Sweet J on the stairs. Her favorite!
 Work being done above the play room.
Water lines

Week 3: Visit 1
 The littles were selling me pancakes at the front door this particular day. Love their sweet imaginations!
Front and back exterior doors have been installed and will be stained at a later date. Electrical work continues this week.
Our brick has arrived!

Week 3: Visit 2

Sweet J's four year old face

 The littles sitting on their classroom step
 Joshua's excited to learn!

 Electrical work being done in the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom
Electrical work in the kitchen

Week 4: Visit 1
Sheetrock has been delivered. Plumbing, HVAC and electrical inspections have been completed.

Week 4: Visit 2
  Brick work on the garage begins. Our address plaque is up!
 Brick work on the patio columns
Side of house
 Insulation in the kitchen
 Insulation in the entry
Jenni: "I always wanted a pink house!"

Week 4: Visit 3
 The brick and stone work is finished. The front door will be stained and the trim will be painted in the next couple of weeks!

Both of the littles love to explore in and around the house. Joshua loves to walk in every room, look out every window and explore the yard area. Jenni loves to spend her time upstairs, thinks its "cool" and "amazing" how fast they can build,  and finds it hilarious that the workers leave a pack of Coca-Cola in the house. :)

What a difference a month makes! We began the month in the frame stage. After completing the frame stage, we moved into the mechanical stage. The frame of the house has been built, and the engineered trusses, decking, windows and insulation have been installed. The roof has been shingled. Plumbing, HVAC and electrical work and inspections have been completed. Brick and stone work has been completed. We had the Pre-Sheetrock meeting with our builder and are now beginning the Sheetrock stage!

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