Friday, February 1, 2013

Jackson James - 5 months

 Jackson spent his five month birthday in the hospital. Our sweet babe enjoys rolling around on the floor, being held and nestled with, and hearing the sounds of his brother and sister playing. Jackson loves and adores Jenni. He smiles when he hears her voice and will turn his head to find her. His love for her is beyond precious. Jackson also loves his big brother and watches Joshua with sweet expressions and enjoys when Joshua comes to interact with him. Joshua likes telling Jackson his silly jokes (Jackson's a great listener :) ) and he enjoys racing cars and having swords fights near his brother. Jenni calls Jackson a "blessing" and Joshua calls him a "nice baby!" Jackson continues nursing every two to three hours night and day and loves his blanket when he sleeps. He also enjoys babbling for all to hear, playing with his sweet baby toes and chewing on his fingers.

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