Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Joyful January

A Smith Family Visit
 I love Gavin. His facial expressions are awesome. He enjoyed the visit but maybe not this picture. :)
 Two people Joshie loves - "Andra" and Gavin!

 Jackson's pacifier was left on the floor. Gav found it and tried it out. Precious.
 A "Sister Date" complete with fun drinks, yummy desserts, and good conversation!

 Eric enjoyed the comfort of the floor while Andrea and I enjoyed chatting on the sofa! Our other sofa hadn't arrived yet. :)

G taking J3 for a ride!

We started the new year off right with a visit from my sister and her family! The visit was complete with some sibling love, cousin love, sister date and late-night board games! :)

Joshua's Practice

Joshua was looking forward to the start of basketball season and his first practice. Thankfully Eric was off work in time to join in the fun of Joshua's first practice and help him with the fundamentals of basketball. Joshua is on a co-ed team with 3 and 4-year-olds. Joshua's team name is the Lil Mavs. :)

Jenni's Practice

Jenni loves basketball and is on a co-ed team of 5 and 6-year-olds. Her team is named the Mighty Tigers. :) Another reason to be thankful - Eric has been able to come to most of J's practices and help coach the littles and sometimes help with a mischievous little boy. :)

Joshua's Games
 First game. Double thumbs up at the beginning.
Love this expression. A few minutes into the game the thumbs up turned into a thumbs in the middle and a face that says it all. Joshie's not so sure about this basketball game thing. :)

Jenni's Games
Jenni loves basketball and is a rebounding machine and scores many baskets! Eric and I were both surprised by her enjoyment of the game and are happy that she found a winter sport to play.

Girl Scouts Cookie Sale 
 The night before we went to pick up a dozen cases of cookies at the zoo, we realized that I needed something to haul 144 boxes of cookies with 3 littles in tow. Off to Lowe's for a wagon!
 Joshie trying out different options :)
 The morning of "Cookies at the Zoo" when we picked up the boxes to start the cookie sale!

Jenni J sold 231 boxes of cookies!! A big thank you to our family, friends and neighbors for their support!!

Joshua Gabriel's 3rd Birthday
Our little man turned three and celebrated with a Toy Story birthday party!

Jackson's Hospital Stay
 Our precious, precious babe went into the hospital toward the end of January and we stayed a couple of days in February. We are so very thankful for everyone's prayers!

Sweet Snapshots
 Joshua had his first migraine in early January. He had severe head pain and his eyes hurt and then fell asleep from crying so hard and then repeated the cycle for several hours.
 Little love fast asleep in his sling while we were grocery shopping

 Watching Jenni and Joshua's games! Precious little face.
 Jackson's first time calling his daddy with FaceTime!
 Joshie G early before his first game
 Nestled in during another game
 Joshua's coloring is really coming along!

 Jenni, Jackson and I went on a "girls date plus baby" to pick up Joshua's birthday gifts.


Jenni: "You're like a dream come true mother!"

Jenni to Joshua before eating...
Jenni: "Be careful because you're wearing a nice outfit." :)

Joshua coloring...
Joshua: "You draw pictures when you my age, Momma?"

Joshua: "You hear my joke, Mommy?"

Nestling on the sofa...
Joshua: "I'm coming over! Make room for me?" :)

Many times when we try to explain something to J2...
Joshua: "That doesn't make sense!"

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