Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Marvelous March

A Big Family Visit

 Practicing before her game

 Mighty Tigers last game of the season!
 End-of-season party!

 Joshua really enjoyed the dessert Grandma Linda made. :)

 Such squishy, sweet, precious boys!

 Gavin enjoying a push pop!
 And enjoying baby Jackson! :)

 My parents and sister's family visited us in early March. We had a great time catching up, watching the littles' basketball games and celebrating Jenni's end of season basketball party.

Bible Study Fellowship
 The older children at BSF blessed us with their singing one morning. It was very sweet. We are all enjoying Bible study and learning so much each week. Jenni and Joshua love that we are all learning the same things. Jenni easily connects what we are learning in the old testament with things we are dealing with today. Joshua is also learning a lot and is very animated retelling me his lessons.

Neighborhood Birthday Party

 Our neighbors celebrated their daughter's birthday with a petting zoo and pony! The littles had a great time!

Sibling Love

 I can't even describe the love these two have for each other! It is so very sweet to see.

Jen & Molly Visit

 Jen and Molly came to visit! Molly is one of Jackson's best baby friends! :) We had fun spending time with our friends.

Easter Egg Hunt
 We had a great time at our neighborhood's egg hunt.

 We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter as a family. Last year Eric was traveling over Easter weekend so it was extra nice having him here this year.

Backyard Landscaping

 We are in the process of landscaping our backyard! What fun we are having creating flower beds and planting trees, bushes and flowers!

Springtime Fun

Sweet Snapshots
  On a neighborhood stroll!

 Jenni and I had a much needed girls date! We went to lunch and then a nearby bakery!

 Family game night!
 I made a new spring wreath for our front door.
 Hamburgers and shakes after church!

How a Texas girl plays basketball in the sun! :)

 This boy loves swinging higher and higher! (Or as Joshua says, "higha! higha!") :)

Angel baby
 Some sibling love at the grocery store!
 Sweet, sweet boy

 Joshua sometimes likes to relive his babyhood.

 Gardening day at Girl Scouts!

 We like to take family pictures (minus E) while we are waiting to go into Bible study. :)
 Precious girl
 Jackson being a cute puppy dog.
 One of my most favorite pictures of Jackson!!
 Joshua's colored cookie
And Jenni's colored cookie

 Jenni and I spend a lot of time coloring throughout the week. This month we colored many spring pictures.
 Sweet Joshua and his best friend
Jenni and Jake Easter afternoon :)

Talking about his two BSF teachers...
Joshua: "Me like one teacher...and another love her!"

Joshua has become ultra-sensitive to people calling him little so we have been extra careful with our words. While I was working in the same room as Joshua...
Joshua: "Why you call me baby, Momma?"
Me: "I didn't call you a baby."
Joshua: "Yeah. You callin' me a baby."
Me: "Joshua, I did not call you a baby."
Joshua: "Well, you thinkin' it."

Jenni: "I'm sad that Jesus died before us so he could go to heaven to prepare a place for us. I wish I could have gone to heaven first to prepare it for Him. He did all the work dying on the cross. Do you think He will let me help prepare heaven with him when I die?

An Update on Jenni
Jenni is doing wonderful, as usual. She loves doing school work, coloring pictures for anyone and everyone and meeting new friends in the neighborhood.

An Update on Joshua
Joshua is enjoying life. He loves being in preschool, pretending to be a (nice) pirate, and sleeping in his bunk bed. He enjoys the "boy adventures" we go on while Jenni is at Girl Scouts. Joshua loves all things outdoors and hiding "treasures" in his pockets. He now calls me "Momma" more frequently than "Mommy." And he says it in the sweetest voice.

An Update on Jackson
Our little babe is as delightful and snuggly as ever, and he continues getting squishier as he grows bigger. I particularly love his squishy cheeks, tummy, and legs. Jackson loves walks through the neighborhood and spending time with or near Jenni and Joshua. He enjoys having a toy to hold and play with. Jackson enjoys being tickled and being attacked with kisses. And his new thing is sticking his tongue out for fun...kind of like a puppy dog. :)

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