Friday, March 1, 2013

Jackson James - 6 months

 Mr. Jackson is officially half a year old and what a sweet boy he is! Jackson is a babbler - saying all kinds of nonsense along with dada and mama! Precious, precious. Jenni and Joshua love love love when Jackson is babbling. Jenni is working on teaching him "hi" and Jackson has a squeal that sounds similar to "hi" so Jenni is happy about that. Joshua is overjoyed with Jackson's babbling and always tries to translate what Jackson is babbling. Very sweet. Our littlest man is now sitting up. He's pretty wobbly but can do it for short periods. Our smiley babe has also turned into a laughing babe. His laughter is contagious. We have many videos of sweet Jackson's giggles. Baby boy also got his first tooth in, so his grin is even more precious. Jackson continues nursing about every 2-3 hours during the day and a bit more frequently at night. And interestingly enough, Jenni can no longer sit next to Jackson or within his eye sight while I'm nursing him because he gets so distracted by her. It is quite cute how much he adores her.

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