Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet Max!

 "I want Max!"
Eric and Joshua went to Cabela's on a boy adventure and while there they checked out dog items and Eric sent me a ridiculously cute picture and video of our boy wanting to get Max.

 Joshua talking about Max while Eric and Jenni were in the backyard getting him ready to bring home.
 Jenni's drawing :)

Our family is growing by four paws! Meet Max - the sweet six month old Labrador Retriever who has joined our family! After lots of prayers and conversations our entire family was on board with getting a puppy. Eric and Joshua were on board from the very beginning. Jenni and I prayed continually - me for extra love for a dog (I'm not a natural dog lover) and Jenni for braveness. In an interesting turn of events, I am a Max-lover and Jenni is the bravest of the two older munchkins. Max is enjoying our fam and all the extra love he is receiving. We try to take Max for walks each morning and evening and the kids have oodles of play time with him all throughout the day. Jenni loves playing catch and tug-of-war with Max. Joshua likes to pet him and stand on top of the picnic table telling Max that he is in charge of him. We are all in agreement that Max has been a great addition and blessing to our family!

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