Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Awesome April

Bible Study Fellowship

 We continue loving our time at BSF and growing in the Word! We leave extra-early for Bible study since it's a long drive - especially with traffic delays - and then we arrive early so I can feed Baby J before heading in to class. And if we have a little extra time, we hang out taking family pictures. :)

Canoe Trip

Eric and Jenni went canoeing with a group from Girl Scouts. They had a great time together!

Fire Fighters vs. Police Officers Baseball Game

  One of our great friends is a fire fighter so we had a great time watching his team play and win!

A Smith Family Visit

 Our favorite trio stopped in to see the fam! Gavin had learned to give hugs and the littles were enjoying all the love he had to share with them!

Dirt Bike Rides!

 Joshua has been talking about riding motorcycles since he was able to say the words and it's always been a dream of his to have his own blue motorcycle. Our friends have a dirt bike and Joshua was thrilled to take a ride on it!

Meet Max!
 We got a puppy!

Hiking Trip

 The littles and I joined Jenni's troop for a hiking adventure!

Sweet Snapshots
 I love this picture!!

 Our attempt at a fish tail braid! I love them!

The first bloom on the rose bush!

 I was walking in the hallway and noticed a certain little person had "organized" his cars so neatly! I love it!
 Jackson sleeping with his hiney in the air. So precious.

 The boys!

 Baby J's first tooth!

 Jackson enjoyed participating in our "music class" time.
 I left my yoga mat out on the floor and found Joshua parking his cars on it. :)

 E was mowing and Joshua wanted to help him so he went into the garage and found something that he could push along too. :)
 Jenni: "I look like a Steph!"

 We picked Jackson up from the church nursery and he continued sleeping while we carried him to get J1 and J2! So sweet.
 Sibling love!!

 Boy time while Jenni was at Girl Scouts! Joshua gets to sit in Jenni's car seat right next to Jackson - his favorite!

 Joshua's pockets were filled with cars and apparently he needed more storage space so he stuffed them in his boots. Hilarious.

 Joshua petting a friend's pup at the park.
Asleep after our walk.

Jenni: "As long as a circle keeps going round, that's how long you'll be my friend. And you know, circles never end. Like our friendship."

Going on a walk...
Joshua: "Call me 'Captain Joshie'!"

Jenni: "Give me a high five for coloring so good!" 

Whenever Joshua doesn't understand something...
Joshua: "That not make sense!"

Trying to talk to me...
Joshua: "Look at my eyes, Momma!"

One of Joshua's favorite Bible stories is Daniel in the lion's den...
Me: "What did you learn at church today?"
Joshua: "Daniel and lions. That story awesome!"

Joshua: "Mommy! There's toys under the couch!"
Me: "Well...get them."
Joshua: "Me not a mouse!" :)

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