Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Joyful June

Sweet Snapshots
 Max resting after a walk!

 Too, too precious! Jackson wasn't feeling well so Jenni hopped in bed to try to help him relax! The sweet babe fell asleep in her arms!!

 Beautiful girl!

 Steak kabobs!
 Joshua sitting in his very own little window seat.

 Homemade french bread! Delish!

  Big baby :)

 Water park fun!

 A new Southern Living blueberry muffin recipe! Delicious!
 The littles working in their sweet friend's garage! :)
 Joshua watching closely :)
 Hulk gloves!

 Neighborhood fun!
After a year and a half of Joshua's bicycle sitting in our garage, he decided to ride it! :)

Jenni: "Let's rename our extra bedroom the "cousin room!"

We were getting ready to go to our sweet friend's birthday party...
Joshua: "Me not want to go to a girl party!"
And as we were leaving the party afterwards...
Joshua: "This the best party me go to! Glad I came!"

Joshua: "Mommy, me love you. But me not love your nails."
Me: "Why don't you like my toenails?"
Joshua: "Because they're pink. And you know me not like pink. But me love you!"

Jackson had a rough morning...
Jenni: "I'm thankful God blessed us with a baby that would take naps."
Me: "Amen." :)

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