Monday, July 1, 2013

Jackson James - 10 months

Our sweet little boy is now ten months old! What a lovely little babe he is. Jackson is such a sweet little guy, full of smiles, laughs, and kisses. He crawls faster than I can believe. He can take a couple steps when he is standing and holding on to something. The little babe has found my china cabinet and thinks it's hilarious when he opens up the doors. Mr. Jackson typically is taking a morning nap and evening nap, and if not two naps, then for sure a long afternoon nap. I typically nurse him every 3ish hours day and night. He really still isn't eating much but he does love his puffs. He loves Joshua making silly faces at him and also when Joshua RARs at him. He enjoys rolling around on the floors with his big brother and Joshua has recently started asking me to put Jackson in his room so they can play with all the boy toys behind a closed door so Jackson can't sneak away. Jenni loves carrying Jackson around and putting him wherever she would like him to be. They are very sweet to each other and Jackson is working on using his gentle hands when he touches Jenni's face and hair. :) Jackson is a super fun babe and we are so very thankful that he is ours! We all like to remind him multiple times a day how thankful we are for him for all the joy he has added to our family! What a blessing!

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