Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Awesome August

Sweet Snapshots
 Our sweet little love
 Baby boy had refused to take a nap so Jenni and I let him crawl around downstairs while we were working on her scrapbook in the kitchen. We took a break to check on our babe and found him curled up on the floor with his head lying on a blanket he pulled out of his bag.
 Such a babe
 Joshie was determined to air up his tires on his own
 Jackson's first ride in the hummer! :)
 One of Joshua's favorite outdoor activities. Rolling around in the grass. :)
 Searching for a dropped puff
 First time bouncing in a bounce house
 The littles love to color
Getting ready for a pool party! Jenni washed and helped cut the vegetables. I was getting the food out of the fridge to prepare and Jenni goes, "Mommy, today's a great day to teach me how to wash and cut vegetables. After all, I'll be a mom one day." :)

Joshua: "When me see lightening, me hit it with a super sharp sword and keep you girls safe."

College conversations...
Joshua: "Mommy, you get to play outside much in college?" :)
Me: "No. Not really."
Joshua: (Shocked) "Your teacher not let you play outside?!"
Jenni: "Joshua, when you go to college you are studying and getting ready to be a mommy or daddy."
A short time later...
Joshua: "Me not want nobody go to college!"
Little man takes his playing seriously.

Jenni loves telling me about her dreams. It's not every night that she remembers them, but when she does, she shares them with us...
Jenni: "It was a good one. I was becoming a mom and looking for rugs for my house."
Me: "You were looking for rugs?"
Jenni: "Yeah. You know, to cover the floors in my house?"
Jenni: "Joshua, did you have a dream?"
Joshua: "Yeah. A real bad one. A monster ate Cinderella." :)

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