Monday, August 5, 2013

Iowa Vacay 2013

 Helping me pack! :)
 It rained for a solid 5+ hours on our trip north to my parents. We stopped along the way to visit E's grandparents where Joshua enjoyed jumping in the puddles. :)

 Celebrating her 6th birthday with Grandpa John and Grandma Linda!
 Making music! Making memories!

 Headed north to visit the great grandparents! Ice cream break!

 One of the few toys Joshua requested to bring
 Stopping for a yummy Italian dinner!
 Lunch time the next day. Gav and Baby J loved sitting next to each other. :)
 Grandma Mary with her four great grand babies
 The grands and greats!

 Joshua enjoying his time with Cousin Nick and Aunt Kathy!

 Play dough on the patio!
 Jenni's Lego car we assembled! Fun!

 Visiting our favorite ice cream/candy shop! The littles always look forward to visiting this sweet shop with Grandma Mary!

 I caught the littles having a quiet sibling conversation. Jenni was trying to help Joshua through his problem. Pure sweetness.

 The littles were excited to eat at McDonald's!
 Jumping on cousin Zachary's super-cool indoor trampoline! A perfect thing for basements!
 Gavin being awesome. While on this trip Andrea and I saw the first other little person who also drank milk this way. Too funny.

 J excited to sit next to G!

 Joshie telling a story :)
Exploring at the park!


 Such sweetness! Gav snacking on pretzels!

 Visiting an ice cream shop with Grandpa!

 Off to Uncle James and Aunt Mary's farm!

 What a fun, fun day we had!!

We had a great time with our big family!!

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