Monday, January 16, 2012

Joshua Turns TWO!

 Joshua turned TWO on January 14th! We adore our sweet boy and are so thankful that he is a part of our family. He is such a loving, sweet, mischievous boy! Every day he makes us smile and laugh and reminds us of what a blessing he is. Jenni and I are extra thankful for Joshua for the past two years teaching us what it's like to have a little boy in the family!

When we ask Joshua how old he is, he tries to say "TWO!" while holding up five fingers. His big sister keeps telling him that she will be five at her next birthday so Joshua holds up five fingers too. Joshie is loving being two and the new responsibilities that it holds. He has started sleeping in his twin bed (and looks adorably precious doing so!) and he brings his plate/bowl/cup to the kitchen when he's done eating. He also is becoming more of a little helper, which I do appreciate! We sure are proud of our little man. :)

Jenni and I woke Joshua up on the morning of his birthday by saying, "Today is your birthday, Joshua! Happy Birthday!" Joshua responded by yelling, "PARTY!" Love my little man. No one loves celebrating birthdays more than Jenni J so she made sure to sing Happy Birthday to Joshua dozens of times while Joshua hummed along. My favorite question of the day from her was, "Mommy, now that Joshua is two, is he still going to be our Little Man?" I responded, "Joshie will always be our Little Man." :)

Eric worked on Joshua's birthday so the little ones and I went out for a birthday breakfast celebration, shopped around for party ideas and supplies, picked up a #2 candle, and came home to bake our little guy's chocolate birthday cake. We had a mini family celebration on his birthday and will have his party in February.

 Joshua really liked his cake at first...
 And then he noticed there was a candle on it...with a flame...
 But daddy explained all he had to do was blow out the candle...
Blowing out the candle...
 Making sure he blew it out...
 Then Jenni tried to play a trick on Joshua. She was standing by the light switch and told Joshua to try to blow out the dining room light. Joshua sweetly believed his sister...and tried to blow it out :)
 Once he tried to blow the light out, Jenni switched the light off, and Joshua thought he did it himself :)
 Oh the games little ones play :)

Happy Birthday, Joshua Gabriel! We love you!

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  1. Great pics of him! I love hearing/seeing his interest in the flame and hearing about Jenni's tricks! A girl after my own heart ;) -Love, Snake Soup