Thursday, May 31, 2012

Building Our Home: May Update

Our first phone book on our lot! Funny...


 Oh, Sweet Jenni J
She's just a little bit excited to see progress on our house!

 Things are coming along! We enjoy checking up on the progress of our home and Jenni and Joshua are always excited about getting out of the car and walking around to see what's going on. Jenni likes to check on the status of the house and then go butterfly hunting on the empty lot next to us. Joshua likes to kick dirt around while checking on the house and then follows Jenni to the empty lot next door and pretends to be an airplane flying around. :)

We started the month in the slab stage. Among other things, the main plumbing and sewage lines have been installed and after inspection the slab was poured. Now we have moved on to the frame stage. The frame of the house is being built! Things are moving right along!

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