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Week 34 of Pre-K

Bible Verse: And God said, "Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky." ...And there was evening and there was morning - the fifth day (Genesis 1:20, 23).

Night of the Moonjellies (Five in a Row)
Social Studies: Geography - New England

New England states printable found here
The book was set in a New England town by the sea.The six states that make up New England: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Social Studies: Introduction to Running a Small Business
In the story Night of the Moonjellies, a seven-year-old boy helps out his relatives in their small family-owned restaurant business. We discussed qualities that would be important in running a small restaurant (keeping a clean establishment, being cheerful, working hard, etc.). We also discussed different activities the owners would have to deal with (purchasing food and supplies, hiring help, etc.). I asked Jenni to think about a type of business she might like to run. She wasn't quite so sure about running a restaurant but she did think it could be neat to own a flower shop. :)

Social Studies: Responsibility
Responsibility printable found here
The seven-year-old boy is responsible for filling the catsup, mustard, and relish containers, refilling the straw and napkin holders, cleaning up the yard, stacking the hamburgers between pieces of wax paper, cranking open the umbrellas, and a few other tasks at the family's restaurant. Jenni thought of a few of her responsibilities at home like cleaning her bedroom, picking up toys, helping Joshua pick up his bedroom, helping clean the bathrooms, setting the dinner table, washing off the table after meals, etc. Both Mark and Jenni do their jobs carefully and cheerfully.

Social Studies: Life Near the Sea
Life Near the Sea printable found here
In Jenni's "Life Near the Sea" flap book she answered several questions - what can you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch at the sea.

Language: Contrast

We re-read the portion of the story where the customers are crowding and the radios are blaring, horns beeping, etc. Then we re-read the description of the thousands of moonjellies stretched along the sea in every direction, as Mark and his grandmother stand on the deck and watch the shimmering sea. The scenarios are opposite of each other: one frenzied and one more peaceful. We discussed the contrast in color, words, and feelings of the story. Jenni appreciated the peacefulness of the ocean the most.

The names of ships and boats are underlined in handwriting and set in italics in printed type. Jenni noticed the fisherman in the story that transports the moonjelly to its home has a boat named the Periwinkle.

We added a few words to our vocabulary file box. On the front of the card is the word and definition. On the back is the word in a sentence from the story.

Make a List: Food

We saw how many of the food items that were mentioned in Night of the Moonjellies that J could remember. She made a list and drew pictures next to a few of the words that she felt comfortable drawing by herself.


"Under the Sea" printable found here

Rhyming Word Match
Rhyming printable found here

Art: Medium - Pastels
 Jenni first drew and colored the boat.
 She enjoyed experimenting with the different shades of pastels and layering the colors in the ocean.
Jenni was excited to work with oil pastels for this activity. After she finished the water she drew white circles for the jellyfish lighting up the ocean.

Art: Warm Palette
Jenni learned that yellows, oranges, and reds symbolize warmth and artists use these colors to help us see and virtually feel the heat.

Color by Number
Starfish printable found here

Math: Learning About Money
Jenni reviewed money. She counted the coins and matched the coins to the amount written.

Science: Moonjellyfish
 Moonjellies are the most common jellyfish. They are disk-shaped, white or bluish marine animals, and are found along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Sea jellies are boneless, brainless and heartless, and are made almost entirely of water. We discussed that animals that live in water, need water to survive. Animals that live in salt water need salt water, and animals that live in fresh water need fresh water to live.

Science: Biome - Aquatic

 Jenni learned that a biome is the distinctive group of plants and animals that live in a particular geographic region defined by climate. In this story we saw or read about: star fish, see gulls, jellyfish, clams, and lobsters. We drew and colored a picture of life by the sea and included some of the animals, plants, and birds that might be there.

Dinner: Cheeseburger, French Fries and Orange Soda (and Finding Nemo!)

Mar-Gra's was a seaside hot dog stand that served many yummy foods, including burgers, fries and orange sodas. We enjoyed eating our dinner and watching a bit of Finding Nemo.

Snack: Chocolate Milkshakes and Popcorn
 Mar-Gra's also served chocolate shakes and brought out the popcorn machine at nighttime.

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