Monday, July 30, 2012

Building Our Home: July Update

Week 1

 We are in the Sheetrock stage! The littles can no longer run through the unfinished walls. :)

Week 2
 The kitchen and bathroom cabinets have been installed!

 Interior doors and trim work have been installed.
 The form work for our sidewalk and driveway has been set. The garage door has been installed.

Week 3: Visit 1
 The sidewalk has been poured, along with the driveway and extra patio area for the children in the backyard.
 The bathroom counter top is in and the cabinets have been stained upstairs.
 The kitchen counter tops are installed and cabinets stained!
 Painting has begun and the railing has been stained.

The littles taking a break and sitting on the sidewalk during our find-a-friend hunt. Turned out successful! Lots of little girls on our street!

Week 3: Visit 2
 Driveway and sidewalk completed
 Tile backsplash begins
 Kitchen tile begins 
 Walls, doors and trim work have been painted
 The littles' school room is coming along!

Week 3: Visit 3
 The outside trim work and garage has been painted! The front door still needs to be stained.
 We have started getting "mail" in our mailbox. This delights the children. :)
 The kitchen tile (backsplash and floors) has been grouted!

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