Monday, July 23, 2012

Jenni's Garden Party

 Sweet J to the Mae and her FIVE year-old self!
She wore her white ballet leotard and pink fairy wings we bought at a local store. Then I made her a fairy tutu with one inch elastic around her waist and two yards of bright pink tulle and two yards light pink tulle. Most of the tulle I cut was approximately five inches wide and twenty four inches long. For a simple tutorial click here.

We made tissue paper pom poms to hang over the dining table. Jenni had fun choosing all the colors and once we started making the pom poms, sweet Joshua Gabriel really wanted blue pom poms, too. So we went back to the store to add some blue to the mix. :)
 Birthday banner for the birthday girl!

 Jenni was delighted to find a butterfly shaped cake pan to go along with her garden party. She was even more excited once it was baked and I started icing it.

 We filled miniature Terra Cotta pots with crushed Oreos and topped them with some gummy worms.

Continuing the garden theme, we had butterfly shaped sandwiches, little vegetable patches with broccoli, carrots and celery, fairy fruit wands, and fairy juice.

 Love these faces. Joshua asked Jenni if he could blow out one of her five candles. Jenni promised him he could. When it came time to blow out the candles, J blew all five out...leaving Joshua upset...
 So we re-lit the candles and both littles blew out the candles this time...a success!
Sprinkles on the inside!
Going for a midnight swim!

Sweet J wanted to have a garden themed birthday party with flowers, butterflies and fairies. We had so much fun brainstorming ideas and planning her party. We had such a lovely day celebrating our favorite girl!

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  1. Her costume! The cake! The fruit wand... the vegetable patch!!!! And the sweet little butterflies! I love the cute little details and your poms turned out soooo good! Great family party, Sis!