Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Joys of July

4th of July
 I made a festive wreath using 2in x 2in felt squares, approximately 350 extra long satin pins, and a straw wreath. For an easy tutorial click here.

Big Family Vacation
 We packed up and headed south for a "big family" vacation! 

 Sweet J waiting for class to begin
 I can't describe her excitement!

Jenni was beyond excited when she learned she was starting gymnastics this month! What I love about J is she is such a dreamer and before class even started she asked, "So you think when I'm bigger I can do gymnastics on a big stage on TV and win medals?" I said, "Do you mean the Olympics?" And she said, "Yes!"

 Jenni is loving every minute of gymnastics!

Sweet girl ready for class!
 Joshua keeping a watchful eye on J

Jenni is having so much fun at gymnastics and is also enjoying watching the Olympics!

Joshua turns 2 1/2!
 My sweet, loving, mischievous, rascal of a boy turned two and a half on the 14th of July!

Jenni turns FIVE!
 My sweet, precious, angelic, loving baby girl turned five on the 21st of July and we had a garden party!

Hurricane Harbor & Six Flags Over Texas

 We were planning on having a family picnic between the two parks but it was still so hot and sunny we decided to have it in the cool car. :)


  We decided to visit both parks on an action packed afternoon/evening the weekend of J's 5th birthday. We had a great time at the water park playing in the kid's lagoon, relaxing in the lazy river, and spending time in the pools. Then we headed across the street to Six Flags and spent the cooler part of the evening walking around the park and riding rides.

Sweet Snapshots
 While I was washing baby clothes and blankets, Joshua found a new blanket and wanted to make sure it was cozy enough for his little brother. :)
 Jenni was on our patio working on spelling with chalk and Joshua wanted to be with her. :)
 Celebrating Joshua's 1/2 birthday!
Sweet, precious J
Taking a neighborhood walk and making new friends!
 Sweet J really wanted to get "birthday yogurt" :)

Trying to stay cool on a hot, hot day! This was the day the littles and I went to see Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. It was Joshua's first movie theater experience and he enjoyed it!
 This month Jenni has been telling stories. She creates a story quickly, I'll write it down, and then she likes to copy it and add it to her story book. I particularly enjoyed her Baby Bear story this month. :)
 Eric was traveling for a few weeks and the first thing Jenni wanted to do with him once he arrived home was to make shapes with their bodies. They made diamonds, squares, triangles, attempted a circle, and then Jenni wanted to see if they could make an octagon. Eric was a good sport. :)
 Sweet little man was ready to play outside, but first I wanted to take a picture of the precious boy - a car in each hand and an extra in his shirt pocket!

A LOT of chatter between my favorite duo (Jenni and Joshua).

God as our Heavenly Father...
Jenni to Joshua: "Everyone has two dads. Like we have Daddy Eric and God our father. He's like our big dad. He will be your daddy in Heaven."

Rock Stars and Donuts...
Jenni:  "I want to be in a band sometime... I'll wait 'till Joshua and my baby brother are older. Joshua will play guitar and my other brother will play drums. I'm going to play all kinds of instruments."
Me: "What will be the name of your band?"
Jenni: "Rock Stars."
Joshua: "No! Donuts!"
Jenni: "Fine, you can make your own band and name it Donuts." :)

We have had many conversations about God having no last name. Jenni is fascinated that he doesn't have or need a last name. Sweet thoughts :)

During long drives, Jenni likes to think out loud. This particular drive she was thinking about her future career...
Jenni: "I think I might be an engineer like Daddy."
Me: "That's a great idea."
Jenni: "You said I was smart like Daddy so that might be a good job for me."
Eric: "You'd be a great engineer."
Jenni: "Or I might be a scientist...or maybe even a doctor."
Me: "Joshua, do you have any idea what kind of job you want to have?"
Joshua: "Drive a donut truck."
Joshua is two. He loves trucks. He loves the donut shop. Even though he never eats donuts, (he eats sausage rolls) he still loves the donut shop. And I think having the dream of driving a donut truck when you are two is a perfectly great idea. :)

After a late night at Six Flags, Jenni asked if we would tell her a story on the drive home...
Jenni: "Your mom's a good story teller."
Jenni: "You know...she knows a lot about you." :)

Walking out of her bedroom after trying to fall asleep for an hour during nap time...
Jenni: "You grow when you sleep, right?"
Me:  "Right."
Jenni: "Well here's an idea. I'd like to grow a little bit more. I think I'm going to try to go to sleep again."
Me: "That's a great idea, J."

While grocery shopping...
Jenni: "Where does ham come from?"
Me: "Pigs."
Jenni: "That's interesting. I thought they just rolled around in mud all day." :)
This ranks close to the time Jenni saw chicken rotating in a rotisserie oven and wondered where their heads were.

An Update on Jenni
Jenni is officially five and officially growing up. She is quite the independent girl. She continues to love writing and drawing pictures in her free time and putting new puzzles together. Summer time = craft time in Jenni World so many mornings and afternoons are spent at the table working on all sorts of fun crafts. Jenni started gymnastics this month and is loving every minute of it. She is a wonderful helper at home and when we are running errands and takes her role as big sister very seriously. This month she continues asking deep questions about angels and also about the return of Jesus. I always love hearing thoughtful questions.

An Update on Joshua
Joshua is a little rascal and a half. He is learning new words and phrases daily. Our little man is speaking in short sentences and has such a cute toddler voice. He is also great at apologizing and recognizing the need to say sorry. Joshua was quite excited about turning 2 1/2 and celebrating his half birthday, and he was equally excited about Jenni's birthday party and getting to have a piece of cake. :) Joshua's favorite summer movies include Cars and Toy Story movies and he is now in the action figure stage of playing with the little toy figurines from the movies (Buzz and Woody). Such a boy and so precious.

An Update on Baby J
Precious Baby J continues to be a sweet babe moving and kicking around. Jenni and Joshua continued to go to my doctor appointments this month. Jenni loves learning anything new regarding her brother and enjoys seeing his face and tummy during sonograms. Joshua continues to be scared of pretty much anything doctor related. He asks Jenni to cover his ears and hold him while we are in appointments. We are so thankful for our two sweet littles ones and our tiny precious one on the way!

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