Sunday, July 14, 2013

Joshua turns Three and a HALF!

 Our sweet little man turned three and a half today so we celebrated the boy! I baked him half of a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. We lit 3 1/2 candles and celebrated Joshua Gabriel! We are thankful for our boy and the little gentleman that he is becoming! Joshua was so excited to celebrate his half birthday, asking many times to help make the cake "because it my half birthday, Mommy!" My favorite was after I finished icing the cake, Joshua saw it for the first time and exclaimed, "Mommy! This the best half chocolate cake I seen in my whole life! Thank you, Mommy!"

At 3 1/2, Joshua loves God and Jesus, loves his family, and enjoys his friends. He loves doing boyish things - like playing with swords, building forts, wrestling, driving his truck, going on "adventures", etc. He loves telling stories. He has three stories with many variations - 1) Biblical stories 2) Dinosaur/monster stories 3) Good guy/bad guy stories. He sees things very black and white. He loves having "family time." Every meal he eats he genuinely thinks is his "best meal ever!" (It makes me smile each and every time he says it because Jenni went through the same "best meal ever" phase when she was in her threes.) He loves spending time at home and is a joy to be around. He loves his bunk beds. He loves slumber parties. He loves his preschool work. And he loves loves loves his family. And we love our boy! :)

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