Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Thankful Thanksgiving

 We hosted our fourth annual Thanksgiving celebration. This year though, my mom took the reigns of menu planning and prep work knowing how tired and nauseous I have been during the first trimester. It was super helpful and thoughtful of her!

 The littles making fruit jello together.
 Joshua enjoyed helping Grandma with the french bread.
 The next morning Joshua woke up saying that he felt sick. Sure enough, he got sick. Multiple times. Lots of rest and lots of footed pajamas from here on out for the boy. :) Grandpa John was super thoughtful and ran to the store to get our little guy (and then Eric, me, Jackson and Jenni) Gatorade to help our stomachs.
 One of Jenni's favorite things to do is color, so I'm glad she got some special time in coloring with Aunt Andrea and my mom. :)

  Much to Jenni's delight, many rounds of Uno were played. :)
 Sweet Jackson James is walking, walking, walking!
 Beautiful J getting some fresh air! Beautiful weather for Thanksgiving!

  Eric, Joshua, Jackson and I were all taking a nap after being sick and when we woke up we found a sweet note from our girl. We are thankful for her sweetness! After Joshua kept getting sick, I overheard him tell Jenni, "Jenni, you think you can make me a card?" Jenni loves making cards for people for various reasons.
 Baby boy was not sleeping well. At all. We took him out of his crib in his bedroom and put him in a pack 'n' play in our room so that others could sleep in his room. He probably got a total of two hours of sleep over several nights. Now we know better. :)
 The next morning, Joshua Gabriel awoke declaring, "I think I might want some pie." I gave him two pieces. One pumpkin, one peach. It blew his mind.
 My parents surprised Jenni by bringing down Andrea's and my dollhouse from our childhood that our grandfather had built in 1989. Jenni was overjoyed!

 Joshua and Jenni are seldom apart so there were lots of hugs and "I love yous" before they separated. Joshua went on a boy adventure with my dad to an electronics store and then later McDonald's. Jenni, my mom and I (and Jacks) went on a girls date to buy some dollhouse furniture and get frozen yogurt.

 Eric brought down a tub from the attic filled with childhood books. One being a Boy Scout's book that Joshua "read" throughout the day.
 More coloring with Grandma Linda!

 Some more of Eric's books - Wildlife Fact-Files. Pretty cool stuff.
A very sweet picture of Jacks and Grandpa John. Jackson was crying and crying in my arms - from lack of sleep and four teeth working their way through. My dad took him out of my arms and Jackson suddenly calmed down. VERY sweet!

A special shout-out to A, D and G who traveled north for our big family celebration. And a huge shout-out to my parents who sweetly took care of our family (and especially Jenni J) while we all took turns getting sick.

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