Thursday, November 14, 2013

Restful Times

This boy has stolen our hearts. Sweet Joshua Gabriel. I tell this little boy how much I love him daily and he just smiles. I've come to realize that he will indeed grow up but I do hope dearly that he has a little boy who is just like him. I ask him all the time, "Joshua, can you please have a little boy who is just like you when you're a daddy?" And he always agrees but usually adds, "But I'm not going to change his diaper." :) Oh we just love him. Jenni loves hearing stories about Joshua as a baby. He would not cuddle with us. He would nurse and nurse forever but if he wasn't being fed, he did not want to be resting in my arms. Quite different from Jenni who was our cuddle bug. Even coming home from the hospital Joshua would not sleep next to us. Thankfully we found it somewhat amusing but still dreamed of the day that he would desire to cuddle with us. Thankfully as he grew older that has changed and how do we love him even more for it. My favorite is if he wakes up before any one he will come downstairs and as he is climbing into our bed he says, "Mommy, mind me nestle with you for a little bit?" Yes, please. :)

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