Thursday, November 28, 2013

Party of Six

There is nothing more exciting than finding out when we are expecting a baby. A new, unique, precious child to add to our family. Each time it makes us more aware and in awe of the beautiful gift of life.
 At our six week appointment we could only see the heartbeat, nothing more nothing less. Just the heart fluttering at a nice, strong rate. Four weeks later, we had our second appointment. We could see the baby's little body, head, spine, arms, and legs. Amazing. We had never had early ultrasounds with our other three children so to see pictures of our newest baby growing was a gift.
We have been praying for this baby for a long time. Jenni has been praying for this baby for a long time. One of the most special gifts a child can receive is the gift of a brother or sister. It is so fun to see the changes in each person that a new baby brings. Extra love, tenderness, patience, kindness, grace. I love seeing relationships formed and bonds made.
 Each child is such a gift and we are so thankful to experience this blessing another time.
Jackson and his sweet baby brother or sister will be 21 months apart. It will be sweet to have siblings close in age. God is so good. We are overjoyed. Baby #4 is expected to be here in June, just in time to celebrate Eric's birthday! :)

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