Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Donuts & Disney & Dinosaurs, Oh My!

Oh, how we love birthdays in this family. A special day for a special person. I'm pretty sure Joshua woke up by Jenni pouncing on him wishing him a very happy birthday. Sweet Joshua forgot even though Jenni has had a birthday countdown going for him for weeks and reminds us daily of the count. So what an extra surprise for Joshua when he realized it was his special day! :) And then Jenni said, "Joshua, you are four! Can you believe it?!" And Joshua goes, "How that possible, Jenni?" And Jenni said, "You turned four already this morning!!" So Joshua was extra excited. He started jumping up and down in bed exclaiming, "Look, Mommy! I'm getting bigger!" Jenni replied, "Joshua, you're only bigger because you're standing on the bed." :) But throughout the day, Joshua found examples of how he was bigger, taller, stronger, smarter. I loved it all.

We started the morning with donuts. As we were driving to the store, Joshua learned that we were eating in the store. Oh was he exited as he exclaimed, "You the best mommy ever!"

Then I told the kids we were going on an adventure. They had many guesses while on our drive to what would be the mall. The kids know what a mall is but are not familiar with one, so they hadn't picked up on what our next adventure would be. As we were walking through the parking lot, I explained to Joshua that we were going to the Disney store and he could pick out a toy for his birthday. Another, "You the best mommy ever!" as he was jumping up and down all around. Very sweet. (Earlier in the morning Joshua told Jenni and I that he didn't need any birthday presents, he just wanted to spend the day with his family. Precious heart.)

Then we went on a carousel ride. It was super fast and spun many, many times. I told Joshua that I felt bad. He asked, "Are you getting sea sick?" :)

And then we went to pick up a special cake for our boy. Thanks to Jenni, who distracted Joshua by turning his back to the counter and telling him jokes, I was able to somewhat secretly place an order for a cookie cake for Joshua. The lady did a wonderful job and had it ready for when we were done shopping. "I hope your birthday is DINOmite!" Too too perfect for our dinosaur loving boy. He was so very happy looking at the wonderful job the cake lady had done. "Mommy! I didn't know you were going to surprise me like this!"

Then we came home and played outside while baby brother napped and even had a play date with our sweet friend.

And then the littles blew out Joshua's four candles. Several times. :) And then in sibling birthday tradition, Joshua let Jenni have the first piece of cake. A very happy birthday, indeed!

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