Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Joshua Turns FOUR!

Oh, my sweet, loving Joshua. Have I mentioned that I utterly adore this boy?! Because I do. I love him. A lot. We all do. What's not to love about a little mini-me version of my sweet husband? I'm pretty sure I love every single thing about this FOUR year old boy. His sweet smiles. Pretending he's a superhero flying around. Comparing the size of pretty much anything to the size of a particular dinosaur. His monster roars. His precious giggles. And every little thing he says. He often says, "You're the best mommy I ever had!" Sweet. Or "You make really cute babies...like Jackson!" Precious. Or "I want a baby sister just like Jenni!" (Why just like Jenni?) "Because she's the best sister I ever had!" It's safe to say Joshua Gabriel is one of our most favorite people ever. He made it his mission the past couple months to make sure Jackson James is a "happy baby." And by happy baby, he means that he wants Jackson laughing all. the. time. He will do whatever it takes to make Jackson laugh. So very sweet and innocent.

Joshua at Four: loves building with Legos, loves small puzzles he can put together by himself,  enjoys doing little school projects and activities while I am schooling Jenni, likes to change clothes multiple times a day, has become an early riser, no longer takes naps, enjoys staying at home as much as possible, loves church/bible study/co-op days, and always gets excited about someone coming to play or visit

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