Monday, January 27, 2014

Houston Fun

With Eric spending much of his time working in Houston, the littles and I decided to make the trip to check out the town!
The littles think that hotels with indoor pools are magical. :)
 Jackson enjoyed his swim time enough but was ready for a nice, warm, bubbly bath.
 Jackson was up to his tricks at lunch time. He's learned a few things to get laughs out of the children. Putting a straw in his mouth like this is one of them. :)
 We went to the Lego store and bought Joshua his first set of Legos and a couple sets for the littles to work on together! Joshua's always used the bigger Duplos before so it was an exciting trip.
 Yogurt break! Both littles chose a blueberry mix-in with their yogurt.
 This little boy does not like blueberries. So we got some chocolate yogurt to share with him. :)
 A late night movie night :)
 The walk (or march) to the elevators. The littles love elevators. Plus at this hotel, it's a glass elevator so they could watch as we went from the top floor down - super fun. Joshua always presses the button to go up or down and Jenni presses the button for the floor we go to. Good team work. :)
 One evening we met up with our sweet friends at an outdoor restaurant for dinner!
We stopped for ice cream on our trip back home. :)
 And Jackson was thankful we shared some bites with him. :)

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