Saturday, February 8, 2014

Basketball Fun

One-on-one rebounding
 One-on-one playing offense
 She had the biggest smile after shooting and scoring.
 And defense - her favorite.
 As far as practices go, Jenni really enjoys them. Joshua usually just sits and watches Jenni while talking to me. Once he's done sitting around, he'll start entertaining Jackson with the goal of making him laugh. And Jackson almost always sits nicely in his stroller having an evening snack. :)


Joshua kept asking us to let him talk to Jenni's coach so after the game Eric let him. He walked up to her coach and said, "You're a great coach for Jenni!" :)

We all love Jenni's games. She always enjoys playing, especially dribbling the ball on offense. She used to take the opportunity to score but now she usually passes to one of her teammates to give them a shot at scoring. She is great at defense and says that's her favorite. Joshua enjoys cheering for Jenni and really enjoys the start of each quarter knowing that the game is that much closer to finishing. And Jackson usually uses up all his patience at practice and uses Jenni's games as a time to be a mischief.

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