Monday, February 3, 2014

Tea for Two

Months ago I started thinking about creating a life long special memory with my special girl. One blog that I read has eight children, six are girls. Each afternoon the older girls have tea time together while the smaller children nap. What fun memories for the sisters to share. In one book that I have really enjoyed reading, the mother has a regular tea time with her daughters. I loved the idea. So I asked Jenni if she would be interested in having tea parties for just us girls. Being the girl that she is, she thought it was the best idea ever. So we went on a search for tea sets. Little did we know that very few stores actually stock tea sets - many just sell them online. So after running to a few stores with no luck and calling a dozen other stores, I decided to let the idea go of finding a tea set and wait until we happened upon one.

Fast forward to our trip to Houston. We were trying to find our way out of the Galleria and took a wrong turn and smelled something so wonderfully delicious. Eric said it was coming from the tea store - the same store his boss buys his tea at. Perfect perfect perfect. We were greeted by the most wonderful lady who helped us pick everything out and gave half a dozen samples of tea to Jenni so we could find one she would enjoy. Talk about lovely.

So here we are today, having our first tea party. "Tea and tarts?!" exclaimed Jenni. "Today is the best day ever!" :)

 We made chocolate ganache mini-tarts and apple pie mini-tarts.
(We used our tartlet baking set from Williams-Sonoma which worked just perfectly for the tarts. And then we used an apple-shaped pie crust cutter also from Williams-Sonoma for the apple tarts.)
We bought a few different types of tea but this time we made Jenni's favorite, blueberry tea, for our first tea party.

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  1. Love it! And a pretty set too : ) She will want it when she grows up!!