Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Grandpa & Grandma's

 On our way!
 A stop for ice cream!

 And then a stop mid-way for an oil change
 There was a table filled with magazines. Jenni picked up a Southern Living one. Just perfect.
 Almost there!
 Jenni talked Joshua and Uncle James into playing Twister!
 Swinging with Grandpa John and listening to his fun, make-believe stories

 Playing a sleep game with Jenni and Uncle James. I think whoever pretended to be asleep the longest won. :)

 Jackson eating a cookie. Nothing cuter than that. :)

 Look at that face. :)
 Baking strawberry bread with Grandma Linda - at the top of Jenni's to do list :)

 Grandpa John took Jenni and Joshua to The Lego Movie. Afterward, they got a set of Legos to work on together!


 Joshua's always liked to swing. Jackson's never liked to swing. Funny how that works.

We had a fun time visiting my parents and seeing my uncle, aunt and cousin, too!

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