Thursday, June 26, 2014

Adventures with Grandpa and Grandma

 My parents graciously came to stay with the littles while we were in the hospital and then we joined the fun when we came back home to continue the adventures together.
 They took the littles on walks around the neighborhood and our park and playground. Grandpa and Grandma brought scooters for the littles which are SO much fun.
 Juliette's first time to Bahama Bucks! :)

 Grandpa was a trooper and tried out the trampoline with Jenni and Joshua.

 Their adventures continued at Cabela's where they spent a good amount of time looking at boating, camping, and hunting gear - a favorite of Jenni and Joshua's.

 Grandpa John and Joshua selected some kind of awesome pretend gun for Joshua.

 Their adventures continued at Quick Trip with a snack and slush - a fun grandparent tradition that began when Jenni was quite young.
 Joshua enjoyed puzzles and popcorn.

 The little boys had lots of energy so I sent them outside to play when it was raining. Always fun.

 My mom, Jenni, Juliette, and I went on a girls date that included a quiet lunch and then a stop at a jewelry store.
 Sweet J took her time walking up and down the aisles looking for just the right thing. She picked out a locket and a few other items.
 Jenni creatively thought up a game in which the players have five minutes to draw a picture and then someone guesses what each person has drawn.
 Jackson's first QT drink! :)
We are thankful for all the time my parents spent with us and the littles creating special memories when our sweet girl was born!

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