Saturday, June 21, 2014

Juliette's Birth Day Party

 Headed home from the hospital!

 On our way home we continued the tradition of Birth Day cookie cakes and picked one up. :)
 Jenni's welcome home banners hung from the bar. :)

 This was sweet and exciting - Jenni and Joshua greeted us outside. We brought Juliette in the house in her infant car seat. Jackson ran right up to her, took her blanket off, and tried to unbuckle her. Jackson doesn't say a word so I asked him if he wanted Juliette out of her car seat. He shook his head yes. So I unbuckled her and lifted her out of the car seat. Jackson immediately sat down in her seat and held out his hands to hold her. Preciousness overload.

 Jenni and Joshua reunited with our littlest love
 Lots of excitement :)

 The next morning Aunt Andrea and Cousin Corbin came to visit!
 And the two precious babes met for the first time. :)
Their next adventure together will begin at Cousin Camp!

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