Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Family of Six

 Our sweet, precious girl with the squishiest cheeks :)
 The evening Juliette was born my parents and Jenni, Joshua, and Jackson came to visit.
 It was already determined that Jenni would get to hold the baby first, then Joshua, and then Jackson if he wanted. Jenni's reasoning for her to be the first is that she has wanted a baby sister the longest. Joshua was always fine with the arrangement but his reasoning is that girls go first. :)

 A sweet snapshot - Joshua was holding Juliette and Juliette's finger was wrapped around Jenni's. Both littles were excited about that.
 Jackson meeting Juliette! He was quite excited! Jackson has never shown any interest in babies so we weren't sure what his reaction would be. We were pretty excited ourselves and very thankful.

 Our four precious children! Time has flown by.
 Jenni, Juliette, and Grandma Linda!

 Grandpa John and his sixth grandbaby :) 
We are so very thankful for our newest addition to the family!

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