Monday, July 21, 2014

Jenni turns SEVEN!

Jenni J, Jenni J, how lovely she is. It seems like we brought her home from the hospital exactly 2.5 seconds ago. We are forever grateful for this beautiful girl. There is so much joy and kindness wrapped into her little self. We just love her. A lot. She likes spending time with our family, having fun with her siblings, coloring pictures, writing sweet cards, and waking up way too early. :)
Eric is out of town this week so before he left he and Joshua took Jenni on a movie date to see the new Planes movie. Jenni and Joshua thought it was "so awesome!" :)
 Eric left a birthday card for Jenni to open when she woke up. Her most favorite thing about the card - the roses he drew on the bottom. She was amazed. :)
 Birthday snuggles with our precious babe!
 Jenni's lunch pick - Chinese food with chopsticks
Jenni asked if we could sing Happy Birthday to her so Joshua and I quietly sang it before we ate. She shyly smiled the whole way through it. :)

 Continuing the birthday tradition of going to the Disney store to pick out something special
 Sweet Jackson was a trooper through all the birthday festivities
 Waiting in line for a turn on the bungee trampoline

 Jenni had been looking forward to doing this on her birthday
 We waited in line for over an hour - thankfully Jackson enjoyed watching everyone take their turn.
 Joshua initially did not want to try it out but after watching half a dozen people go he decided to give it a try.
 He loved it from the start. :)
 Jenni cautiously jumped. Joshua tried to go as high as possible. Both had fun.

 After seeing Jenni and Joshua have a lot of fun, we saw a baby carousel perfect for our little love.

 Then we surprised J with a cookie cake! I love catching her off guard. :)

Since Eric was traveling, we FaceTimed with him so he could sing Happy Birthday to Jenni while she blew out the candles. A great ending to Jenni's birthday!

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