Saturday, July 12, 2014

Loving Juliette

 Jackson enjoys giving Juliette a pacifier. Even if she's sleeping peacefully without one, he tries to put one in her mouth. I think he's being helpful. After all, he loves pacifiers, too. :)
 Jenni really wanted to pick Juliette up and hold her standing up. I finally let her. Jenni was so excited that she ran to the stairs while carrying our littlest love and yelled up to Joshua that she was carrying Juliette around. :)
 Joshua came running down the stairs yelling, "Let I try! Let I try!" :)
 Jackson hanging out with us while we were doing Juliette's physical therapy.
 He kept interrupting the process with kisses.

 Jenni likes to keep Juliette close to her when possible. When Juliette's in her rock-n-play Jenni will scoot it around the house.

We are so very thankful for our precious Juliette. She's as sweet as can be.

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