Monday, July 14, 2014

The Dallas World Aquarium

Eric is back to traveling but he was able to take a week day off in between trips! :) 
 So we went to breakfast at the Local Diner...
 To celebrate Joshua Gabriel turning FOUR and a HALF! Half birthdays are super fun. And really the only time you can celebrate half birthdays is when you're young, so celebrate we will. :) Sweet Joshua. Such an awesome little guy. Very loving and encouraging to Jenni. Extremely sweet and gentle with Juliette. And full on boy with sword fights and punching with Jackson and Eric. It's a nice balance, I think. Joshua at four and a half is absolutely wonderful. He still has a precious little person voice and precious little boy hands. On days that he thinks he'll have a job as a grown man he wants to be an engineer like his daddy. Most days though, he doesn't want to have a job. He just wants to live with Jenni and eat candy and jump on their sofa all day. The dreams of little ones. :)
 Jackson James. My little love.
 We love this little guy. Always adding cheer to our life. Always keeping me on my toes.
 Off to the aquarium!
 Last time we visited, we just had a Baby Jenni.

 Joshua's wish list for the trip - to see crocodiles, snakes, bugs and sharks. :)

 The shark tank! Joshua loved spotting a hammerhead shark and a sawfish. Joshua's super interested in sharks and dinosaurs.

A fun, fun day. :)

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